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Update January 2021

Anyone else love Sealab 2021?. .

Planning is proceeding at a good pace. I am involved in talks with the Vicksburg Convention Center and looking at costs. I will share an update with that soon because I think people might find it interesting.

I am thinking October instead of my original idea of August. It’s less crowded convention-wise, and the weather is better

great pumpkin

I am planning on having Jack Greene as a guest and I want to reach out to Lou Zocchi as well.

Looks like my first step is forming a LLC. I should get that done this week.


There is movement on a piece I was a waiting on to make this convention happen. If it all goes well I will be in a position to move forward at the end of October.

I was just about to start looking at the feasibility of a Kickstarter to raise funds to host the convention. That could still be a possibility as I want to have this convention next year one way or another.

Mr. Nussbaum - Siege at Vicksburg
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