“Siege of Vicksburg” Convention Set for Presidents’ Day Weekend 2024 at VFW Hall, Vicksburg

The “Siege of Vicksburg” convention, scheduled to take place on Presidents’ Day weekend, starting February 2024, at the VFW Hall in Vicksburg, Mississippi. This event not only celebrates our rich history but also brings together gaming enthusiasts for an unforgettable experience.

Supporting the VFW and Our Veterans

A portion of all ticket sales will be generously donated to the VFW Hall, underscoring our commitment to giving back to those who have bravely served our country.

Ample Space for Open Gaming and Tournaments

We are excited to offer abundant space for open gaming and various tournaments throughout the convention. This expansive area allows for a diverse range of gaming experiences, accommodating everything from casual play to competitive tournaments.

Current Events Being Worked On

  • Blood Bowl
  • Three-Day Blood and Plunder Campaign: based around the gulf and up the MS river
  • Dawn of Iron Demo

Vendor Participation and Amenities

With free space for vendors and around 10 slots available, the convention promises a diverse marketplace. Attendees will also enjoy on-site amenities like food, drinks, and a bar.

Event Pricing

  • Full Event Pass (Friday to Monday): $60
  • Daily Pass (Saturday, Sunday, Monday): $25 per day
  • Early Bird Offer: Full Event Pass for only $50 until the end of December!

Special Friday Night Event

Kick-off the convention with our free Friday night event, perfect for early arrivals to enjoy gaming and meet fellow enthusiasts.

Join Us for a Weekend of Historical Gaming and Fun

We invite history buffs, gaming enthusiasts, and families to join us for a weekend that promises to be both educational and entertaining. Save the date for Presidents’ Day weekend in 2024, and stay tuned for more information on ticket sales, gaming opportunities, and vendor details.


  1. James H. Hay

    I was working on updating the Board Game Geeks convention site. I see that your con is on President’s Day weekend, but what are the actual dates of the convention? Is it two days, three, four?

    • Adam

      February 16-19

  2. Dwaine Balius

    Where is a good place to stay?

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