2023 Update #2

You guys know my struggle with communicating with the casino. Well, I finally got through and learned they have switched to a 21+ policy onsite.

I feel like this would effect the convention negatively by restricting attendees.

I do want to know what you think.

What do you think of the casino changing to 21+?

Right now I am leaning toward moving it to the Jackson area. I know I would at least pick up my local players.


  1. Lester Swanson

    Has Jackson solved its water problems? I could convince my wife to do Vicksburg but not Jackson. After BattleTex III in Houston she agreed to come with on these trips rather than be home alone. It’s up to me to wisely consider what locations I’d take her to. Probably not Jackson.

    • Adam

      I’m thinking about the area around Jackson. (Flowood, Brandon, Madison)

      • Jack Greene

        Clinton at minimum.

        • Brandon Musler

          Good, the further weat (and north) the better.

  2. Martin Spetz

    I vote to stay in Vicksburg

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