Month: October 2021


This is the most difficult thing. The space is available just for you the attendee. You can play ANYTHING you want. That space costs a whole lotta money though.

If cost is lowered, day rates added, more people must attend in order just to break even.

I would really like to stay around $50 for the weekend and make Sunday free. However Saturday is the biggest day, maybe $30 for it?

NashCon has an interesting payment structure. You can pay just to enter tournaments and that includes the cost of entering the convention. I am not sure how this system works, could cover prize support?

Also I would love to have a cheaper rate available for pre-orders so that the convention can pay for itself.

This is the thing that truly drives me nuts, I just want to break even and have the con paid for with its own funds a month before the convention.

I am working really hard on things to interest people but I really think its going to have to be finding a cheaper venue. I had to pay out $1200 just for security. (that is 24 weekend passes)


So we chose the following day/times.

Thursday 5-8 Vendor load in. This seemed to work really well.

Friday 8AM-10PM. This was a bust. For next year, I am thinking 5PM-10/12? If I do that, vendors can load in that day/morning.

Saturday 8AM-10PM, worked fine, maybe even stretch it to 12?

Sunday 8AM-2PM. We ended up closing at 12PM. Maybe 8AM-12PM and its kind of a shopping day.