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We have dates and I am moving the convention to Ridgeland Mississippi. This was not an easy decision but I really like the new location, Reservoir Pointe.

The convention begins at 5PM Friday night and runs until midnight Saturday. Vendors will be able to pack up Sunday morning 8AM-10AM.

Badges are now on sale. I cannot stress enough how important pre-sales are. I am able to point to these when talking to sponsors and vendors. This allows me to provide prize support to make this the best convention possible for attendees.

You must have a badge to create and/or participate in tournaments.

In Case You Was Ponderin’

I am currently in negotiation with Sheraton in Flowood.

They add a new wrinkle, as food is a big part of the rental. They push it like: “Buy $1500 worth of food and get a $2000 discount”.

So, if it happens, Saturday may have a free breakfast.

Current offer is this: $7000 for 5190 square feet. I am way more comfortable at $5k, so we are looking at space closer to 3000 square feet.

I REALLY hope to have this done and selling tickets by the end of the month.

2023 Update #2

You guys know my struggle with communicating with the casino. Well, I finally got through and learned they have switched to a 21+ policy onsite.

I feel like this would effect the convention negatively by restricting attendees.

I do want to know what you think.

What do you think of the casino changing to 21+?

Right now I am leaning toward moving it to the Jackson area. I know I would at least pick up my local players.

2023 Update!

After finally talking to the Casino, they let me know that they are willing to commit to a date next year until January.

The reason being they are debating on refurbishing the room we used.

So what to do now? I can go forward with a location TBA but I don’t think that’s wise. So I think I will go forward with ticket sales starting when I know the venue.

Right now I am thinking this schedule:

Friday 5PM-MIdnight

Saturday 8AM-Midnight

Sunday will be for vendors to pack up.

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